Who We Are

We are a group of people who are serious about following Jesus. We want to live in such a way that our love for God, and for our neighbors, is crystal clear. To this end:

  • We allow God to direct our lives through the truths communicated in the Bible. 
  • We put into practice these truths as we discover them. 
  • We consider healthy relationships to be evidence of true learning. 
  • We find practical ways to serve our neighbors.  
  • We reach out to those who don't know Jesus yet. We make following Jesus a life-long adventure.

We Belong To

Pine Knolls is a memeber of the Christian & Missionary Alliance As part of the C&MA, we partner with other congregations to send highly qualified leaders to various parts of the world for the purpose of telling others about Christ. We value the role the C&MA plays in helping us ensure the integrity of Pine Knolls.

We Believe...

The beliefs that we adhere to are what many would consider as the central, basic beliefs of the Christian faith for the past 2000 years. Our beliefs include: Jesus was fully human and fully God. God exists as three-in-one (the Trinity). The Bible is the highest authority on matters of faith and practice. Jesus is the central figure in history and his death and resurrection is the central event. Salvation from sin and its effects is possible through faith in Christ. The Church has the most important mission on earth - that of making Jesus known in word and deed.