Missions @ PKA

We at Pine Knolls understand that the community of Christ goes beyond our building. Together, we can stretch our arms around all sorts of needy people in all sorts of places. As part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Pine Knolls is a member of a team that is taking the life-changing message of Jesus Christ across our nation and into nearly 60 countries.  

The Pine Knolls/Dominican Republic Partnership was developed for the purpose of engaging individuals from Pine Knolls Alliance in doing the work of missions together with C&MA missionaries in that country. The partnership provides greater opportunities for ownership, increased involvement, and deeper relationships.

Work teams from Pine Knolls have traveled to the Dominican Republic over the past several years. During these one week trips people from Pine Knolls work side-by-side with C&MA missionaries and national church leaders from that country on construction projects and church ministries such as Vacation Bible School.